I am a somewhat regular flier on Virgin America. That stopped last night.

I was passenger 18c on flight VX193 from Newark to SFO. We were scheduled to leave at 5:29 and left after 9:30. Flight was delayed into Newark with explanation due to weather. It was obvious the flight was only partially sold.

We boarded and left gate at 7:30 and then sat on runway. Long silence and then were told we needed to refuel with 4,000 lbs of fuel because we had been re-routed. We returned to gate, re-fueled, and left gate again.

We never heard from the captain again while we waited , without taxi, for 35 minutes, and then taxied for another 30 minutes. Arrived SFO 12:30 am Pacific time- well past public transit time.

The passengers required explanations and descriptions of what was going on and we had little, and none before we finally left Newark.

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