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Booked flights on line which showed price @ $157.00 (taxes & fees not included) as I finished trying to book the flight there system at the check out went up to $269.00 ( taxes & fees not included) and that the $157.00 were no longer available. The let me go through the whole system pick seats for the 157.00 rate then when its time to pay ,oh those prices are no longer avialable !

Well that's funny cause my family members which got on after me to purchase the same flight @ $157.00 got those seat that " weren't avialable" for me 10 minutes earlier ? Sold out as I was told !

Customer service horrible would not even work with me at all pretty much told me to bad oh well give my money to American Airlines which earned me the miles I needed to get future flight with American Airlines, there customer service went out there eat for my business. I will never recommend Virgin Airlines no anybody !

Monetary Loss: $224.

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Recurring theme. It's seems VA lets you make the reservation and then jacks the price and then NO ONE has the power to change that back! no one. Thru my trials with the website, their *** "brain" of the web has just seen tickets being bought, less inventory so the price goes up. Wait two hours and once your unpaid reservation drop off viola..there are the cheaper seats again. What is infuriating is that VA can't seem to figure this out on their own and adjust the price for you. You have to sweat it out and hope the seats are still available.

They claim to have NO power to change this.

Here's an idea...NEW WEBMASTER and better customer service training.

I came her to this site out of pure frustration to find that this seems to be the top complaint of this airline.

"Dr Yes" Richard Branson seems to have a lot of "Dr no's "

on the team.

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