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I have just sent these 2 emails to Both airlines.

Virgin America:

This is embarrassing to wait 10 hours in JFK to get a flight from your frustrating virgin America airline which was already booked through Emirates and it was already in your system as i got the confirmation from Emirates . it was already booked that i was supposed to fly with your airline on 12/09/13 at 1030 am new York time departure and get to sfo at 1405 pm but you ran me around for a booked ticket nr 1762177242145 and you did not let me even take the next flight that i was again booked on with ticket nr17621170587677 at 430 departure at JFK. Instead you shamelessly booked me at 6:30 pm flight departing from jfk arriving in sfo at 1052 pm which was *** delayed .

I will not forget this to put it on my special contact on the web for millions of people to watch which will rate you down substantially. I promise until you come up with some sort of compensation. You have 48

Hours to prevent that only.

Soroor Ashtari12/10/13 time at Sfo is 1116 am


You are telling me this is an example of love to your customers after what i wrote you. Shame on you!!! Who are you and what is position your writing this shamelessly to me.

Your airline goes to *** with this kind of experience. For your information i am an author and i write books and articles in various language. I will take good care your airline as well as you took care of me for 10 long in freezing temperature. I will put you in the same freezing temperature situation with the same way, may be even worse and we will judge who will win this competition. You apologize for what? your first time customer. Shame on you!!!

I have a little influence in media and i will promise you that I will be a lot stronger when i get involved with such a miserable airline that i will not forget this bad experience for the rest of my life. Actually i went to the Doctor for that because i have weak heart due to the bypass surgery had before therefore i had to go to the doctor because of this bad experience by your virgin America Airline which even effected my heart condition.

One more time if i do not hear from you for the mess up as per my above email, you will pay a big price for that. I promise. You have the option not to respond and just wait for my reaction and wait for the future of your miserable airline.

Now it is all up to you to react.




Emirates This is embarrassing that i have to wait 10 hours in JFK since Virgin america did not approve your confirmation of the above mentioned booking. This is bad for your airlines because i have frequent flyer with your airline, therefore if you do not investigate this bad customer service and let me know about the outcome and how Emirates can compensate for this agonizing trip to Sfo i will change airline right away and never fly with your airline any longer. I already have a reservation with you to Dubai and Iran for which i am going to give a second thought for transferring to another airline.

Sorour Ashtari

ek 267055542

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Product or Service Mentioned: Virgin America Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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