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m currently flying with my 4 young children. I am livid sitting on our flight from Seattle to Los Angeles.

Our flight was delayed. I am silver status - when the attendant at the gate called silvr and gold status my children and I got in line. The attendant didn't look at my ticket and said it want my turn to board. I said didn you say gold and silve status and he at that point looked at my ticket and said oh yah you can go.

We sat down and were then told we couldn't *** for 20 minutes. But, we had to stay buckeled - my 15 month old had a bowel movement and had to sit in It for 30 minutes. His skin is sensitive and he was crying in pain - as soon as I could I got up to change him. He was still screaming in pain. I see a flight attendant (Jenny) putting make up on - she glanced over, didn't smile or ask if I needed help just continued to do her makeup.

I then change my son when I get out Jenny and the male attendant had started the drink service. I have my 5,7 and 8 year old in row 4 and I was stuck behind the drink cart. I waited 30-45 minutes and at this point my arm and back hurts so bad from holding my 30 lbs baby. Also, I knew my kids would be getting very worried. I ask Jenny how much longer it would be, in the rudest tone she responds "20 minutes minimum" I said well how do I get through? My older 3 were up front unattended and my 30lb son was asleep in my arms. She said "find a middle seat in the back or something" well I'm not crawling over someone while holding my sleeping baby plus I wanted to be with my older children up front who were unattended to.

I ended up sitting in the back Gally on the ground for th remaining 20 minutes. When they competed th service neither Juan or Jenny apologized or asked how I was doing - they didn't acknowledge me.

Jenny has walked by me several times and not acknowledged the situation.

I travel atlwast once a month to Los Angeles - we have a home in Bellevue and west Hollywood - we are usually so happy with virgin we drive the extra 25 minutes and deal with LAX to have a more enjoyable flight rather than flying into Burbank.

I have never been treated so poorly by any airline or stuardist - I haven't been treated so poorly by anyone in the service industry:

Jenny and Juan should not be working to virgin. Horrible!!!!!

Luckily the lead in first class was Beyond gracious and helpful.

Please excuse all the typos- written while flying on iPhone with sleeping baby on lap

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Aug 06, 2015.
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