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I’ve given so much business to Virgin America and Atlantic. Not just my flights but got all my company , friends and family to fly with them.

Since this whole Alaska takeover its been one awful experience after the next. I don’t have time to write them all now down. But, the last two awful ones this week were - them canceling a flight and me having to fight for a refund! Now they’ve gone and made purchasing points a non option!

So I missed by a day and they are unbending and didn’t really notify imo properly so that you could make the date.

They are rubbish now and I will take my 30+ flights a year elsewhere. Good day.

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I have the same experience. After January 1 2018 my gold status on virgin was wiped away and even though I transferred all my points it Seems that my miles were reset and after two years of gold status and buying over 30 to 40 tickets on virgin for just myself and my fiancé, I no longer have status.

What a joke this takeover is. Alaska is lame.

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