March 5, 2014

To: Virgin America Customer Service

On 3/1/14, my 3 children and I were set to board Virgin America from Seattle to LAX. I had booked these tickets in November 2013 because we were going to a close relatives wedding in LA. I am a single mother with 14 year old triplets, and getting these decent price flights were the only way we were going to be able to attend this event.

Now getting 3 kids properly outfitted and ready to go on a trip is no easy task (especially triplets). I had to buy outfits for the wedding and rehearsal dinner for all of us, bought Universal Ticket studio tickets (non-refundable), booked the Hilton Universal, ordered a Shuttle Express and had to take time off of work and school. Then afterwards, make all the cancellations and returned all the unworn clothes.

After getting up at 4am on 3/1/14 and getting everyone ready to wait for the shuttle, I decided to check my email. I received an email at 11:23pm on 2/28/14 from Virgin America stating the flight was cancelled. However, we were asleep because of the shuttle coming early. I did not receive a text about the flight cancellation until 6:30am on 3/1/14.

Upon calling 3+ times on 3/1/14 and each time, waiting an hour + - we were told that we were pretty much out of luck in getting a flight to LA before the wedding on Sunday, 5/2/14. There were flights available would get us there at the END of the reception. The only flight available that WOULD get us there in time was sold out so we could not get on. However, the representative kindly told us there were available seats in First Class on that flight, but we could not have them because we were not First Class flyers.

No one offered any resolution to this situation. They would not put us on another airline; they would not fly into another airport. They offered nothing. . . . repeatedly. My children and myself were despondent that we had to miss the wedding. Frankly, we couldn’t even believe that this was happening. Relatives from throughout the country had made it there. Relatives from Seattle had made it there on other airlines.

This is a complaint because of your airline ruining a significant event in all of our lives and there was not one thing we could do about it. I could not believe that no one would help us in any way, shape or form. We are still all quite upset about it, there were people there that are older that we may not see again, and I wanted to introduce my children to cousins coming from the East Coast that they had never met.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Oh grow up, your family wouldn't be the first to miss a family wedding because of finances. A lot of people have to miss a close family member's funeral too for the same reason. It isn't the end of the world.

to anonymous #791544

It was not because of money you ***!!!It was because the airline cancelled at the last minute.I think they should have given you those first class tickets for the incovenance they caused.They had their tickets for a year.And I thought virgin was supposed to be one of the better ones.Guess not.Shame on you virgin airlines.

to me Verdun, Quebec, Canada #791871

They didn't have tickets for a year *** they had them since November. And Thing like that unfortunately happen all the time

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