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I was excited when I heard my flights would be expensed more generously allowing me to move on from my "discount airline" where each year I take a few dozen simple-but-it-gets-me-there-on-time-flights to one of those fancy full service airlines with the leather seats and all. So excited that I signed up for an Elevate account much to the amusement of my co-workers (but I'd show them once I started racking up those points and flying in luxury).

I checked the flight status of my 6 PM flight to Chicago and saw no delays. I checked in two hours later and found out I would be flying at 11 PM. (Yay! More time to spend at the airport! And now I get to save on the hotel I already paid $200 for (actually no saving just paying) since now I don't have to (or get to) sleep before my 8 AM meeting)

Now before anyone starts pointing fingers let us remember that Virgin America cannot control the weather (lady at the ticket booth made that very clear). However, I think they should ask EVERY OTHER AIRLINE FLYING TO CHICAGO THAT DAY what their secret is since their flights were slightly less delayed. (20 minutes as opposed to 300 minutes, but who is counting)

Now let's remember that no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, and it is O.K. as long as they do their best to correct them (In this case there was 2 mistakes the first being delaying the flight for 5 hours and the second being the not giving a ***.) They were so sorry that they offered me a refund. (actually just $25 of Virgin America credits but you know… I say tomato you say "1/4 of a rotten tomato" or maybe it's like comparing apple to rotten apple cores. I'm actually not sure what analogy to use here)

But, it's okay because they did apologize profusely. The heartfelt apology is too long for me to type here so I will summarize it for you in two words "tough luck".

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