Booked a non stop, first class flight from Orlando to Frisco at a cost of just under $2,300 for two persons one way. It was by far the worst flight we had ever taken in first class, and we use several airlines.

The flight attendant was our main problem as he was basically MIA on a flight cruising at 30,000 feet. When he decided to finally take our drink order over an hour later (no issues as far as turbulence etc.), he was too busy talking about how great he was at his job that he was given a promotion. Unbelievable, was our first thought. Emailed the company headquarters twice to voice our concerns and never received a response from them.

We cannot reccomend this airlines due to poor service.

Disappointed all the way around!

Monetary Loss: $2297.

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Oak Park, California, United States #721474

Oh lady Scot! You would be surprised at who flies first class!

Families who get upgraded, (my last trip..witha new birn..very sweet) last minute upgrades and people like me who suffered from 30 years with fear of flying!

I saved a lot of money in those years and make up for it a little I hit 1st class About three times a year ...I can buy a seat or upgrade to 1st using my miles and it's my biggest splurge of the year! I will tell you if I were to spend 2300 on a flight, I would expect a drink, even water, within an hour.

I would and do expect the same in coach all the other flights!

Naples, Florida, United States #616906

The worst flight you have taken because you had to wait for a drink order? This is why I refuse to fly first class. A bunch of irrational snobs who think those who serve them are their whores.

The flight attendant was most likely doing other necessary tasks at the moment. You are not the only passenger on the plane.

I hate self entitled ***.

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